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The Albania Tours is a must for any visitor who would like to discover Albania within an acceptable time frame. It offers a great introduction into Albania’s  history, customs and traditions. It touches all the gems of the country from ancient sites to architectural buildings and towns. All this is accomplished instyle, with excellent guides.

Day 1: Tirana

Pick up at Tirana airport and transfer to Hotel. Time permitting we will visit the National Historic Museum in Tirana offering an in depth introduction to Albanian history from prehistoric times to the present day. Traditional Albanian restaurant suggestions for dinner will be given. Overnight in Tirana.

Day 2: Kruje - Shkoder 

After breakfast we’ll have a tour of Krujë, the centre of Albanian resistance against the Turks under our national hero Scanderbeg. He kept them from crossing into Western Europe for 25 years. We will visit the top sights of Kruja, which are: The castle of Kruja, Skanderbeg Museum, designed by Enver Hoxha's daughter and son-in-law. A rich ethnographic museum inside the castle with giant statues and dramatic battle murals. We also have time to wander through the mediaeval bazaar full of souvenirs and handicrafts. Proceed to Shkodra, the most important town of north Albania and the Illyrian capital, in the 3rd century BC. Visit Rozafa Castle from where spectacular views all around can be admired. Experience the supremacy the Illyrians would have feel over their enemies standing in such an imposing castle. We will also visit the Marubi Photographic Museum with a selection of prints of negatives taken in starting from the second half of the 19th century till the 1900-s, illustrating the life of the population of the area in that period. Take a walk in the newly renovated pedestrian area of Italian and Austrian architecture, testimony to this town historic links with both these countries.Overnight in Shkodra.

Day 3: Koman - Valbone

After Breakfast, next destination is Koman, where we will be a sailor of Koman ferry.Sailing lasting approximately 2 h:30m, describing  Koman Lake snapping on mountain cliffs 2200 m high, is one of the most beautiful adventures you ever seen. After Fierzes passing, the next stop will be on Shoshan Canyon, which tells us that we have just entered the Valbona National Park. We will continue exploring Valbona, where we will visit the Rrogam waterfalls.We will continue walking until the beginning of the last Valbona neighborhood called Gjelaj. Here we will have the opportunity to see the most attractive part, the end of the valley where all the tops of the mountains are over 2300 - 2400 m. With nature challengers we will climb up to the flow of water where there is a picturesque view of the Valbona Valley. Overnight in Valbone.

Day 4: Prizren (Kosovo)  - Durres 

After an early morning, we continue our tour to Prizren, in the city "museum" of Kosovo. We realize the tour of the city, with its touristics areas as stone bridge, Sinan Pasha Mosque, League of Prizren, etc. Free time for coffee and shopping in Prizren. After Prizren, we drive to Durresi. After this interesting experience we depart for Durres one of the oldest (founded in 627 B.C.) We take a sightseeing tour of the Amphitheatre situated in the middle of the modern city in an inhabited area, and the Archaeological museum rich in arte facts found in the city and its suburbs. We have dinner by the sea (optional). Overnight in Durres.

Day 5:  Pogradec - Korce

After breakfast at the hotel, we drive to Pogradec.The city of Pogradec is one of the Albanian beauty pearls, provides much to discover for its visitors.The region dominated by the fantastic Ohrid Lake. Drilon-Tushemisht is one of the unmatched areas with natural beauties next to Ohrid Lake. In such a small geographic space are nicely included some of the Albanian nature pearls like: Drilon Springs, Ohrid Lake, typical houses from the area, narrow pedestrian paths, picturesque landscapes, which create a wonderful oasis with multiple tourism development opportunities in the area. We drive to Drilon for a coffee break or lunch. Then we proceed to Tushemisht, a characteristic village where a famous Albanian movie has taken place. Then we drive to Korce. Korce is the largest city of south eastern part of Albania. It is situated at the foot of Morava Mountain on a plateau 800 m above sea level, near the border with Greece. It has a population of around 62,900 people (2008 estimate), making it the seventh largest city in Albania. The first school teaching in the Albanian language was established there in 1887, followed by Albania’s first school for girls in 1891.A short walking on Korca’s famous boulevard with an oversight of Korca’s history. Overnight in Korca.

DAY 6: Permet - Kelcyre 

After breakfast at the hotel, we drive to Permet. The greenest and the cleanest town in Albania, also known as the "city of roses." The small town of Permet is famous for its folk music, literature personalities, and the good cooking, especially sweets, the so called 'gliko'. A wonderful trip along the Vjosa river where we shall be amazed from the evergreen forests and the nature sceneries from both sides of our way. We shall stop at Benja thermal baths.A stone bridge arcs over a winding stretch of brilliantly blue-green water. Warm water rushes beneath it, providing a relaxing treat for those who visit. We also visit the small town of Kelcyre. Këlcyrë town, is located to the right of Vjosa river, there  where the river of Dëshnic with its branches meets Vjosa and start to flow together. Këlcyrë Gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges of Albanian. The gorge became famous during the Capture of Klisura pass  battle during the Greco-Italian war in World War II. In every season you can enjoy this Panorama in a wonderful area. The water is potable and used for all facilities from the establishments which have built there small hotels or restaurants. Overnight in Kecyre.

Day 7: Gjirokaster 

Today we drive to the beautiful town of Gjirokastër. Gjirokastra is part of UNESCO World Heritage List and is one of the most attractive tourist sites of the country. Gjirokastra is known as "The city of Stone". The main characteristic of Gjirokastra is the intensive use of stone in building the houses, which look like small fortresses, the streets of cobblestone, which all lead to Bazaar. During our stay in Gjirokastra, we can visit the Ethnographic Museum, located in the house where the former communist dictator Enver Hoxha was born. One of the famous spots to visit at Sokaku i te Marreve that means Mad People Street is also the reconstructed house of the famous Albanian writer Ismail Kadare. Overnight in Gjirokaster.

Day 8: Blue Eye - Sarande 

After breakfast we continue our tour to Saranda. On a way, a short break in viroi lake. The second stop will be in Blue Eye. Blue Eye is a water spring and natural phenomenon. A popular tourist attraction, the clear blue water of the river bubbles forth from a depth of more than fifty-metres.Divers have descended to fifty metres, but it is still unclear what the actual depth of the karst hole is. We can take time to explore the area, the natural beauty and also to enjoy a lunch with the wonderful view Blue Eye offers. Arrival in saranda. We have also a Lekursi castle to visit and there we will have a dinner, located on the hill over the city of Saranda. The castle was build in the beginning of 17th C and is at 600 meters above sea level.From the site of the newly reconstructed Castle, one can admire the amazing views of  Ionian & Adriatic seas and the coastline of the beautiful island of Corfu opposite.A wonderful local test, local wine, traditional alcoholic beverages such as raki, tradicional food and the fantastic Albanian Polyphony music.You could participate on learning Albanian dance and sing Albanian Polyphony too. Overnight in Saranda.

Dita 9: Butrint - Apolloni - Berat 

After an early breakfast we drive to the ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the most important archaeological discovery in Albania. Legend associates this city with Trojan settlers who fled Troy under the leadership of Aeneas. In fact the city was first settled by Greek colonists and was continuously inhabited for centuries forming archaeological layers of several eras of civilization. Apart the beautiful antique ruins it has the added benefit of being situated in a beautiful peninsula, rich in flora and fauna. Then we continue past Saranda and drive on the spectacular Albanian Riviera looking down at the Ionian Sea. Breathtaking sceneries await us at the Llogara pass - 1000 m above sea level. We will stop at llogara where we can enjoy a lunch. After lunch we proceed to the ancient city of Apollonia situated on the famous Via Egnatia - one of the most important cities in Roman times. Due to its fame and importance it was known as Apollonia Prima out of 16 ancient cities built to honour Apollo. Next destionation it will be Berati. Overnight in Berati.

Day 10: Berati - Osumi Canyons

After breakfast, we visit the Castle and the Onufri Museum. Berat castle is of particular interest as people still live within its walls in their traditional houses, as have their ancestors for centuries. The castle used to have over 40 churches of which 7 still remain, including one turned into Onufri Museum. Onufri was an Albanian Icon master painter of the 16th century who painted many orthodox churches in Albania and Greece. But we cant end this tour without visit a Osumi Canyons.The Osumi Canyon is a river canyon in southern Albania, near the town of Corovoda.The river, which passes through the town of Berat, flows through the canyon.There are many underground passages and unexplored caves throughout the length of Canyon. During the spring, high water from melting snow makes it possible to explore the whole length of the canyon from the river. At the end of the summer, when the water is lower, the full length of the canyon is not navigable, but there are various walks with opportunities for swimming in various pools and streams. In this area, you can practice water sports like canoeing, rafting and kayaking. There are also several spots that serve as small beaches, such as Varishta. After this interesting visit, we return to Tirana. Overnight in Tirana.

Day 11: After breakfast we drive to the Airport. End of our Service.


  • The price is 1070 euro person
  • 10 nights accommodation in 3-4 stars hotel
  • Meals included (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Policy & Terms

Tour’s Conditions 1. Cost The price of the tour and detailed information regarding what is included and not included in the price will be given when booking your tour. All detailed information regarding the program of the tour, the price of the tour and the cancellation policy will be given in the your tour contract which you will receive when booking the tour. Single travel supplement applies for single travelers. 2. Payment Process In order to confirm your reservation, 30% reservation deposit is required. The balance is due 29 day of your arrival or prior to commencement of your tour. Payment can be made in cash, by bank draft, wire transfer or major credit card (subject to a 4% processing fee). All prices are quoted in Euro. All payments will be in Euro. 3. The Contract Immediately after receipt of enquiry, you will be sent complete information regarding reservation and payments, together with a proposal that will include a detailed itinerary and other information regarding the services to be provided will be given in your tour or service contract. Both the contract and the Voucher and the Final Itinerary Proposal will constitute a legal contract with Blue Line Travel SH.P.K. 4. Cancellations In the event of cancellation of any part of your tour, communication must be provided by email followed by our written confirmation. The following cancellation charges apply based on the notification table below: Earlier than 60 days prior to the date of arrival 0% of the deposit, when a group tour. Earlier than 90 days prior to the date of arrival 0% of the deposit, when a private tour. Later than 60 days of the date of arrival, 100% of the deposit, when a group tour. Later than 60 days of the date of arrival, 100% of the deposit, when a private tour. 5. Refunds Any money owed by Blue Line Travel SH.P.K to clients because of a refund, will be processed within 30 days following the initial cancellation. Refunds will be processed to your bank account. 6. Change Requests We will try to accommodate all reasonable requested changes. Change requests can be arranged up to 30 days prior to your tour commencement date. The traveler will pay the price difference if a there is a price difference due to the change. In case of a lower new price, the difference will be calculated on the difference to be paid to Blue Line Travel SH.P.K. 7. Transportation Our vehicles are insured to International standards.In the event of a vehicle breakdown, no refund will be applied for the time lost. However, we will do everything in our power to ensure that this does not happen. Our vehicles are maintained to national annual car testing standards. 8. Travel Insurance No travel insurance is included in the price of the tour. We strongly suggest all our guests to arrange for travel insurance in their place of origine, prior to arriving in Albania. We are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of personal belongings and equipment, personal injury and illness. 9. Stipulations Blue Line Travel SH.P.K  contracts with independent contractors in securing and booking the services provided for our tours and we are not responsible for any negligence and/or omissions of these independent contractors, their employees, agents, servants or representatives. Blue Line Travel SH.P.K gives notice that in issuing coupons, vouchers or tickets for travel conveyance or transport by any means, and in making arrangements for hotels or other accommodations, we are acting not as principals but only as agents for the companies, corporations or persons providing or offering their service. Blue Line Travel SH.P.K is not responsible or liable, with respect to person or property, for any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay or irregularity however sustained or suffered during any trip or tour arranged by them. Flight and other travel arrangements prior to commencement of the tour are the responsibility of the client and are subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier. 10.VISA For 10 days tour to Discover Albania getting the required visa(s) is the responsibility for each individual traveller, as visa requirements vary depending on your nationality. We recommend to check with your local embassies representing the countries that you are travelling to, as part of this itinerary. 11. Jurisdiction:  Any disclaimer is subject to Albanian law, and excludes the provisions of international law. Any dispute arising in connection or not with this disclaimer shall be submitted and processed by the jurisdiction of the competent court in Saranda, Albania only.

Payment Options

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Days : 11 | Nights : 10


  • Local tax
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Local Guides/Maps
  • Transportation
  • Deluxe Coach
  • Central Air/Heat
  • Guides / Assistance
  • Live entertainment
  • Room service and meals
  • Professional tour guide
  • Beach Access
  • Roundtrip Hotel Transfers
  • Historic Area Nearby
  • Air Conditioning
  • Internet Access
  • Hotel pickup and drop off
  • Amusement Park Nearby
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Shopping
  • Deck Furniture
  • Security System
  • State/National Park Nearby
  • All meals
  • Return Airport Transfer


  •     Extra stay pre/post tour    
  •     Medicines required if any    
  •     Airfare & airport taxes    
  •     Visa charges    
  •     Insurance    
  •     Passport costs    
  •     All meals and drinks    
  •     Tips to coach drivers    
  •     Tips and Gratuities    
  •     Return Airport Transfer    
  •     Any optional tours    
  •     Any airport arrival/departure tax    
  •     Alcoholic beverages    
  •     Flight tickets    
  •     Payment fees    
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