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Fterre lies directly east of Corraj on a small rise and is surrounded by trickling ources of water.The presence of that water is felt immediately ,the village is green and lush even in the summer months when the mountains beyond are parched.Fterre is a dot.What surrounds a dot becomes all the more extreme .
The ruggedness of the mountain ,the steep crevasses down to the valley floor become sharper and more threatening ,more expensive as dumb deep earth ,when the view of that which is mediating them ,through your window ,has meager company .In villages like these one can feel the solitude that once was human existence ;the same kind of huddling ,pathetic insecurity that gave rise to religion and superstition .To spend the day in Fterre is to revist a human condition long overcome by technology and belief in the dominance of human kind over the environment .It is precisely this kind of village where we can be reminded of fragile ,constructed boundary between civiization and the wilderness.
This tour promises to be one of our best itineraries for this year and would be a day well spent in a perfect combination with the wild and beautiful nature of Fterra and the magninificient long beach of Borshi .

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