Visit Pogradeci 13/11/2017


Pogradec is a region with endless opportunities for recreation and entertainment. It is the right place for tourists of all ages, like those who plan to visit for one day and for those who prefer to stay longer. Unforgettable place is Pogradec for couples, who choose to spend the honeymoon.

Pogradec is the tourist town bordering on the wonderful Lake Ohrid.

This "paler Albanian" city - as Lasgushi says, "immersed in the mountains as a brain in the skull of man", is beautiful not only by nature (placement near the blue eye of Lake Ohrid), but it is also an ancient city with early cultural, artistic traditions.
Pogradec is the city of flowers, wine, the rare Koran fish that is not in any other place, the city where dreams become reality.

Pogradec is the city where nature has spared nothing to reach the city where people with their hospitality and hospitality can not afford to leave without taking their love of merchandise to come back again.

The Pogradec basin is enclosed by the surrounding mountains and with its lake forms a special microclimatic zone. This area has over 2,400 sunny hours during the year, ie over 300 days a year.

The lake's flora and fauna are very rich and make this unique lake in the Balkans and Europe. Pogradec is one of the most important tourist centers in Albania.

GALLERY OF ART POGRADEC - Located in the center of the city. There are paintings by well-known painters of Pogradec. Often there are various exhibitions organized here. You can visit it from 9am to 4pm.

PRIVATE GALLERY OF ART "TASO" - You are welcome to visit the painter Pogradecar Anastas Kostandini - Taso. His paintings are highly appreciated and of high artistic quality. You can buy any of his paintings and mosaics.

"LAKO" PICTURES GALLERY - You are welcome to visit the well-known painter Skender Lako's studio. You can buy or simply admire the painter's work.

WORKING IN WOOD "ICKA" - Craft with an ancient tradition in Pogradec has its dignified representatives today. Studio "ICKA" is always open to you. You will be amazed by the woodwork.

POGRADEC MUSEUM - Pogradec has a museum rich in antique and anti-war evidence. It is open from 9am to 4pm.

POGRADEC CHURCHES - Pogradec has the old Orthodox Church, called the church of Saint Mary and is located in the old neighborhood of Pogradec, as well as a new church with a very special architecture called the Resurrection. You can visit them at any time.

THE POGRADEC JAMES - The city of Pogradec has two mosques. One is in the city center and the other in the neighborhood called Gorice. You can visit them at any time.

POGRADEC'S CINEMA - Pogradec has a modern cinema, where every day is played new movies with translation into Albanian. It is located in the city center.

PARADISE OF POGRADEC - Pogradci has long been called the city of flowers and greenery, a tradition that is still fanatically preserved today. You can go to the "May 1st", across the city beach, enjoy the wonderful landscape of the "lazy lover", drink something under the freshness of the shade of trees and in the evening to be part of the traditional Pogradecare turnover. If you want you can visit the tourist attraction of Driloni, 4 km far from the city of Pogradec, with its clean springs and the scenery that will surprise you.

POGRADEC PLAZE - Pogradec Beach is located in the city along the "1 Maji" promenade. It is a beautiful beach with sand, clean water and fun opportunities. In Pogradec there are also other private and public beaches, with sand and small pebble. Outside the beautiful city are the crystal-clear waters of Lin and Tushemisht.

WELCOME - In Pogradec along the shore of Lake, on the main beaches you can rent various boats to sail. You can choose a steering boat or sail yourself. There is also a boat that is around the Lake Ohrid in the city port.

SPORTS IN POGRADEC - There are several sports facilities in Pogradec, where you can practice the sports you want, such as the "Fani" Sports Complex, a modern setting where you can play mini-football, basketball, volleyball, Kalceto "Bruklin" - mini-football. In the Pogradec beach area you can play beach volleyball and follow the Balkan Beach-Volley Championship which is organized every summer in Pogradec.

POGRADEC MARKET - The soft Mediterranean climate, the fertile soil, the many sunny days and the rich tradition in agricultural produce provide a bounty of original fruits and vegetables and a choice of markets in the region. The market of Pogradec is open from 8.00 to 16.00. In addition to this market there are plenty of small shops in the main streets of Pogradec.

POGRADECI NATEN - In the center of Pogradec, in the square called "Odeoni

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